Letter to Shareholders

Specialty Liquid Transportation Corp. (TSXV: SLT) provides the following letter to shareholders.

Dear Shareholders,

As recently appointed Interim CEO, and in light of the recently announced management change, I would like to introduce myself and provide an update to our shareholders.

I am very encouraged and excited about the prospects for SLT.  For the past year, I have been involved in the development of the new SLT business plan, in particular focusing on vertical integration of supply, logistics and transport in the juice and bitumen markets.  We have made excellent progress in using our proprietary Flexitanks towards commencing shipping operations in the integrated shipping segment of our business.  However, there is still work to be done.

These operations require a significant amount of lead-time to establish required components from the supply side, product testing, shipping logistics and fulfillment.  I am pleased to announce that most of this work has been accomplished during this year with a number of potential end purchasers as well as, shipping services and suppliers.  I believe that as a result of our hard work to date, we are now positioned to achieve monthly recurring shipments of Bitumen from Alberta to Asia, and have been closely working with the potential customers towards securing initial purchase orders.  Similar progress is being made on the transportation of juice products.   This business strategy of diversifying from pure manufacturing of Flexitank products to a turnkey logistics solutions platform focuses on higher margin services with potentially significantly larger sales numbers.

SLT has an excellent management team currently in place that under my direct supervision is working hard towards the launch of our new vertically integrated business model.  I have a strong background in operations as well as sales, and those of you who know me understand that I take a very grounded approach to executing on business opportunities such as presented by SLT.  The Company’s operations and new business development is supported by key management team members who have been instrumental in our Flexitank/Juice Logistics Business.  Mr. Jason Barr and Mr. Allan Doris are two executives with SLT’s operating subsidiary and bring vast experience and talent to our team.  I work closely with both of them and we will be providing further updates on their efforts shortly.  We also have a very committed and active Board of Directors and they are supportive and excited about our direction.  I have been and continue to be in direct discussions with them regarding all our efforts and keep them apprised.

With respect to the Cease Trade Order (CTO) and the filing of our audited financial statements, we have made significant progress and are working closely with our auditors to finalize the required filings.  With a lack of a CFO  in the period immediately following our transition to a public company, and a new CFO only starting in the first quarter of 2019, it became more difficult than anticipated to have the financial statements completed in a timely manner.  With the Company having multiple operating subsidiaries in multiple countries this complicated matters further.  We have made good progress and continue to work with our auditors to complete the financial statements which we will endeavour to have in the coming week.  We will request that trading in the shares resume once the financial statements have been filed and the CTO lifted by the securities commission.

Further to our press release of September 4, 2019, we wish to clarify that our former CEO, David Skriloff, will have no ongoing active management role with the Company.  However as he was an integral part of the Company he will be available to me and the Board as a resource during this transition period, and we appreciate his willingness to assist us in this limited capacity.

Lastly, I wish to thank you all for your patience and endurance while my management team and I have been working hard behind the scenes to develop the Company’s business over the past months.  As Interim CEO and a fellow shareholder, I will endeavor to provide regular updates to shareholders regarding our ongoing business developments.

Bud LaCombe, Interim CEO
Telephone: (480) 524-9200


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